Time to Leap / Waking Up @ Midlife

It doesn’t matter how you landed on this page. Say, someone forwarded you a link. Or you read something I wrote and found yourself interested enough to click on through to this oddly titled website. However you found me, you’re here now so why not explore?

Below is a collection of blog posts I’ve chosen to give you a good introduction to what I mean by “the Leap.”

Over two decades ago, when I wrote my first book, Living Our Dying, I would have never imagined that, all these years later, I’d be rereading my own words with fresh eyes, letting the spiritually-fit Joseph of twenty years past guide the somewhat-lost midlife Joseph of the present.

For your convenience, the following posts are linked in order below, 1 through 4. Enjoy.

waking up @ midlife

Miles To Go Before We Sleep . . .